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RadioTechKomplekt LTD

Aluminium rolled products

Aluminum Sheet - the product of a flat profile produced

by hot or cold deformation of the following alloys:

1105АМ (1105АН2),


А5,  А5М,

АД,  АД1,  АД1М ,

АД1Н ,

АМГ,  АМГ2 (АМГ2М),  АМГ2Н2 (АМГ2НР),  АМГ3 (АМГ3М),  АМГ3Н (АМГ3Н2),  АМГ5 (АМГ5М),  АМГ6 (АМг6М, АМг6БМ),

АМЦ (АМЦМ),  АМцН (АМцН2),


Д16,  Д16АМ,  Д16АТ


Our company sells commercially minimum dimensions of plate thickness:


0,5; 0,8; 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 8; 10 mm

Classification of aluminum sheets


   Process of manufacturing:

    - Clad: normal (A), technological (B),

     thickened (V);

     - No clad



   The quality of surface finish:

    - Normal finish;

     - High (B);

     - Increased (P)



   In precision manufacturing:

    - Normal accuracy in length, width, thickness;

    - Increased accuracy (P).




   By lenght:

    - Cut length;

     - Unmeasured;

     - Multiple dimensional (with 500 mm spacing)



   As material:

     - Annealed (M);

     - Without heat treatment;

     - Cold-worked (H);

     - Polunagartovannye (H2);

     - Cold-worked after natural aging and hardening (TN);

     - Hardened and naturally aged (T);

     - Hardened and artificially aged (T1).





   Different kinds of aluminum sheets:

    - sale of sheets at a bargain price in Kharkov, discounts for regular client

    certificates for products, fast order equipment, delivery!

    - Corrugated: used as a floor to prevent slipping; It is a matte textured

    surface and a convex pattern in the form of corrugation. Accepted to

    specify the thickness of the sheet excluding height nasechek.Vidy classified

    according to the number of corrugation 1 ripples - Diamond; 2 fluting -

    a duet; 5 corrugation - quintet.

      Corrugated sheets of aluminum have been applied as in

     food and chemical industries.

    - A perforated sheet: thickness of from 0.5 to 6 mm, the size Perforation - 0.6 mm.